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The Walking Dead is a point and click adventure game that centers on a character named Lee. The The Walking Dead Gamecontent are: Story, Graphics & Sound, and Game-Play.



From the opening credits to the credit roll you will be hooked to your TV. Telltale Games has made a masterpiece in storytelling here. The characters feel real with the emotion they convey. I panicked every time was a close call with Clementine. I felt guilty when I chose to save a certain character over another, and I felt sorrow for those I couldn't help at their time of need.

Deciding to save a young boy or a young man can make all the difference with where the story can go and you may regret your decision once it's made.


Graphics & Sound

Sticking to the comic roots of the series, the graphics of The Walking Dead look pretty solid. Thanks to the non-realistic look of the game there aren't many graphical hick-ups, and the characters are able to express emotion without looking too stiff or lifeless.

The voice acting is superb but throughout the game I noticed a couple times when a character's voice wouldn't match up with the character's mouth.

the-walking-dead-game_Graphics & Sound


While at first I was skeptical of the point and click game-play I quickly got over it. The game-play suits the story in almost every way and doesn't limit or frustrate the player. Combat gets broken down into QTEs (quick time events) where you have to aim at an enemy and push the correct button prompt as quickly as you can. The choices you can make in the game seem limitless and you will definitely be replaying this game multiple times to see the outcomes of your decisions. Another cool addition to the game comes at the end of each play-through when your important decisions are compared to the rest of the world's decisions and shows a percentage of what other gamers chose to do.

Hopefully the next four episodes will be a bit more creative with their achievements.


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