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BioShock 2

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BioShock 2 is the sequel to BioShock, and is designed to continue the grand storyline of the underwater metropolis, Rapture. BioShock 2 capitalizes and improves upon the high-quality effects, unique gameplay elements, and immersive atmosphere that defined the first game. 2K Marin was the development team for BioShock 2, continuing the work of Irrational Games, which developed the first game. Initially, a spokesperson for 2K Games stated that the "Sea of Dreams" subtitle had been dropped. Now, Geekscene will talk about: Gameplay, Story, Main Characters. Enemies, Weapons .



Subject Delta's suit allows him to survive the pressure of the ocean, enabling him to walk outside of Rapture to progress, explore, take a breather from the action within and even harvest ADAM-yielding Sea Slugs on the ocean floor. Delta can also perform a melee bash with any weapon, dealing quick damage.

Like the first game, the player will have to kill the Big Daddy to get the ADAM from the Little Sister. If the player chooses to adopt, the Little Sister will ride on Delta's shoulder until she finds a body to extract ADAM from. When the player comes to a Little Sister Vent, they will again be given the choice to harvest or save the Little Sister. Players have the choice to either hack from up close or from a distance with the Hack Tool.



Sofia sends Big Sisters out to coastlines across the Atlantic, kidnapping little girls and turning them into new Little Sisters. Delta encounters Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum, who tells him that in order to save Eleanor and stop Lamb, he must travel across the ruins of Rapture to Fontaine Futuristics, where Eleanor is held. Delta also receives aid from Eleanor, who uses her psychic connection to the new Little Sisters to leave care packages and messages throughout Rapture.

Wales fires a torpedo at Delta's train car which badly damages it and hurls Delta from his craft. As Delta takes care of the them, Poole reveals he wrote an article about Delta. Delta was once an ordinary man, "Johnny Topside". Eventually, Ryan had him made into a Big Daddy, codenamed Subject Delta. Delta fights his way through Persephone untill he finds Eleanor, locked within a quarantine chamber with Sofia. Following Eleanor's instructions, Delta brings her part of the Big Sister armor, allowing her to free Delta and fight by his side.


Main Characters

  • Augustus Sinclair
  • Eleanor Lamb
  • Sofia Lamb
  • Subject Delta

bioshock-2_Main Characters


  • Big Daddies
  • Big Sisters
  • Little Sisters
  • Security Devices
  • Splicers



  • Drill
  • Hack Tool
  • Launcher
  • Machine Gun
  • Research Camera
  • Rivet Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Spear Gun


BioShock 2 Gallery

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