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TERA has typical MMORPG features such as quests, crafting and player versus player action. There are seven races in the games: The 'Amani', a race of draconian humanoids, the 'Baraka', a giant, intelligent race, the Castanics, a demon-like race, the Elins, an innocent nature loving race, the High Elves, the Humans, and the animal-like Popori.Now, Geekscene will talk about: How TERA Began, Island of Dawn, Southern Arun. Northern Shara, Southern Shara .


How TERA Began

The world of TERA began millennia ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a formless void. Centuries passed, and deserts, mountains, rivers, and forests grew upon Arun and Shara. As Arun and Shara slept, their dreams came to life—life in the literal sense. Arun’s and Shara’s dreams coalesced into the first living beings to call Tera home. All the while, Arun and Shara continued to dream, and their new dreams took shapes familiar to the gods. Arun dreamed of ambitious Elves, clever Humans, honorbound Amani, powerful Giants, scheming Devas, and mischievous Poporis. Shara dreamed of sly Sikandari, dark Gulas and Vampirs, fierce Wendigos, strange Faeries, and serpentine Nagas. The mortal races didn’t escape unscathed.

tera-game-story_How TERA Began

Island of Dawn

When the Island of Dawn rose from the sea, the entire world stopped and took notice. Located off the coast of Arcania Province, the island is home to mysterious ruins, lush plant life, and abundant and hostile fauna. An enormous gap isolates the island from the coast—a great ring of waterfalls where the hulks of ships jut out like great skeletons. The finest minds and the bravest troops were dispatched to the island. They encountered swarms of guardian spirits, strange cultists, and terrifying demons. Twisted by Karascha’s will and power, the island's denizens turned on the Federation expedition and slaughtered them.

tera-game-story_Island of Dawn

Southern Arun

The heart of the Valkyon Federation, Southern Arun is separated from Northern Arun by the Great Rift, the massive scar dating to the death of Balder. With vast deserts, sweltering jungles, and verdant woodlands, Arun is as varied in landscape as in inhabitants: Humans, Poporis, and Castanics all call the continent home. Orcans and Kulkari drive farmers from their lands and threaten the city’s food supply. The great Human city of Velika is the jewel of Southern Arun. Southeast of Velika lies Poporia, the kingdom of forest spirits made flesh, where the Popori struggle to cure the Vampirs of an ailment that drives them mad with bloodlust. Northeast of Velika, shrouded by dark clouds, is Castanica.

Finish the mission by finding Veetor, who is babbling incoherently and watching garbled footage on a wall of display screens. Shepard will have a Paragon interrupt option, followed by a Renegade interrupt to get Veetor's attention. Miranda suggests that Veetor be taken into Cerberus custody for interrogation, but Tali insists he be taken back to the Flotilla for medical attention, although she will allow Shepard to take Veetor's data.

tera-game-story_Southern Arun

Northern Shara

Northern Shara is a land cleft by war, where the implacable Argons rose from the underworld to invade the surface world. Using immense, crawling drillers and terraforming machinery, the Argons aren’t trying to conquer Shara. They’ve gathered at the Amani fortress-city of Kaiator, the largest city in Northern Shara. Kaiator has survived thirty years of incessant attacks from the Argons. Even as the Argons ruin the surrounding lands and mass armies at Kaiator’s steel walls, the city hasn’t fallen.

Northern Shara is a vast battlefield dominated by a brutal war between the Argon invaders and the defenders of the Valkyon Federation. Within Kaiator’s walls, the forces of the Valkyon Federation plan counterattacks against the Argon menace in northern Shara, sending column after column of fresh troops northward to do battle against the creatures from the underworld.

tera-game-story_Northern Shara

Southern Shara

Southern Shara is a land of ancient mysteries, where countless feet—not all of them human—have trod on the dust of ancient civilizations. Many empires have called southern Shara home: the nagas, the giants, the fey...and today the High Elves rule here. Allemantheia, fabled city of the High Elves, is the brightest jewel in Shara’s crown. The High Elves have turned the central regions of southern Shara into a desiccated husk—for Allemantheia needs its water, and the surrounding lands must provide. The Sienna Canyon and the Labyrinth of Solitude in particular are home to bandits, ancient warriors from bygone campaigns, and spirits inimical to all life. The Federation town of Acarum clings to life, but for how long?

tera-game-story_Southern Shara

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