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Halo 4 Weaknesses

Halo 4 Weaknesses Geek

Halo 4 starts a new trilogy in the Halo saga and begins where the last one leaves off. Since the announcement of the confirmation of the making of Halo 4, the studio immediately returned to work in continuing Master Chief's story. This blog features the official trailer teaser of Halo 4 PLUS an exclusive Halo 4 game giveaway at Rydar Games as well as some Halo 4 game review talk. Now, Geekscene will talk about: Spartan Points and Ops, Sprint and Forerunner Vision, Grenades and Elites Not Returning. No More Weapon Camping and Respawn Delay .


Spartan Points and Ops

Spartan Points is the new currency system in Halo 4. They will buy things such as armor, armor abilities, Spartan Ops missions.

This was probably my most favorite addition I saw. From how it was described, think fo Spartan Ops like Spec Ops from Modern Warfare but with a storyline. They will span out over several months, encouraging players to return to the game. Game Informer said that Spartan Ops will be comparable in scope and size to the in single-player storyline.

halo-4-weaknesses_Spartan Points and Ops

Sprint and Forerunner Vision

So not only is sprint in the game, but it is a standard armor ability. You do not need to pick it up, it will always be available. You do not need to buy it with your Spartan Points, you will always have it equipped no matter what. So essentially, you can have two armor abilities.

Ever wanted to be super man? Now you can! See through walls with your x-ray vision! I can't say I hate this armor ability, I haven't used it yet. I'm hoping it comes with its weaknesses and it discourages camping. Sorry guys, but camping in Halo 4 will not be a legitimate tactic.

halo-4-weaknesses_Sprint and Forerunner Vision

Grenades and Elites Not Returning

Not much detail was given as to why elites will not see multiplayer combat, it was stated in a picture caption. The caption reads, "Competitive multiplayer focuses on the Spartan IVs. Elites will not be playable.

Now the article itself did not talk about grenades, but I noticed in the picture the Spartan had 4 grenade options. I assume the plasma grenade will return as seen from an explosion in the picture and the frag grenade will most definitely return as seen by the Halo 4 first look video.

halo-4-weaknesses_Grenades and Elites Not Returning

No More Weapon Camping and Respawn Delay

One the skills that separated veteran players from inexperienced players was the ability to time power weapons' spawns. In Halo 4, this will be near impossible. Weapons drop down in drop pods at random locations around the map. Quoted from the article, "This gives the matches other focal points, and it also helps alleviate the advantage longtime players always used to have over newer recruits; the best weapons are not always going to be found at the same spawn locations." Unless there is a distinguishable skill gap between players, I most definitely do not like this idea.

Immediately after you die, by tapping the X button you are sent back into the match. Now let's contemplate why this might be bad. Let's say Halo spawns are... not so great. A skilled player out BRs/DMRs/whatevers a unskilled player. Now that unskilled player can immediately respawn and find you before your shields even regenerate! I understand 343 is trying to speed up the game, but they must understand the consequences of instant spawns.

halo-4-weaknesses_No More Weapon Camping and Respawn Delay

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