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Modern Warfare 3 Sub-machine Guns Weaknesses

Modern Warfare 3 Sub-machine Guns Weaknesses Geek

Modern Warfare 3 has a wide variety of guns for players to choose from. This Modern Warfare 3 guide will be primarily based on the PP90m1 Sub-machine gun, its strengths and weaknesses, and showing you the best combinations to boost the strengths and counter-act the weaknesses! Now, Geekscene will talk about: The Modern Warfare 3 PP90m1, PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Strengths, PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Weaknesses. PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Conclusion .


The Modern Warfare 3 PP90m1

The PP90m1 is a fantastic Sub-machine gun for what a lot of experienced players would call "Spray and praying". This is the act of firing a gun from the hip without any real aiming, and simply hoping for the best as an outcome. However, whilst this is rather frowned upon within the Call of Duty community, it has to be admitted that this gun is more effective when fired from the hip, than through the iron sights. A particularly noticeable feature of the PP90m1 is its incredible fire rate, especially when it is used with the combination of Rapid fire, and the suppressor.

modern-warfare-3-Sub-machine-guns-weaknesses_The Modern Warfare 3 PP90m1

PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Strengths

The main noticeable strengths of the PP90m1 in Modern Warfare 3 are its amazing fire rate, it's very low recoil when firing and of course it's over-all design. Whilst it looks very much like a water-gun for kids, one can't deny that when you achieve the gold camouflage for this gun, you look like a truly professional player! 1) Scavenger Pro (More Magazines.) 2) Quickdraw Pro (Faster Aim down sight.) 3) Steady Aim Pro (More accurate hip-firing, and quicker aiming after sprinting.)

There are also a few different attachments and proficiencies which can give your gun an extra boost, and here are some which I'd personally recommend from my own experience with the gun. 1) Range (Adds range to your guns firing distance.) 2) Attachments (Gives the ability to simultaneously use two attachments for your gun.) 3) Melee (Faster knifing ability.) 4) Kick (Reduces the recoil from the gun's firing.)

From this list, the proficiency you choose will change your style of game-play quite dramatically from others. For instance, if you were to choose the Attachments proficiency, your game-style will change to short to medium range gun battles, these will be very fast paced and exciting. However if you choose to apply the Range proficiency, your gun battles will shift from short to medium range, towards the medium to farther ranges. (Whilst this gun is great to use with the Range proficiency, I would tend to avoid using it as I dislike the iron-sights!)

modern-warfare-3-Sub-machine-guns-weaknesses_PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Strengths

PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Weaknesses

The PP90m1 Sub-machine gun also has some weaknesses, which are compromising the gun's ability to be labeled "over-powered"; although not to the extent that it has become a useless weapon. Some of the most notorious of the weapon's weaknesses are the limitation in distance that it can reach with normal bullets. However, as mentioned in the previous section, by using the Modern Warfare 3 Range proficiency you can easily counter-act this, but at the unfortunate price of sacrificing the Attachments proficiency! Remember that the Attachments proficiency, enables you to use both the Silencer and Rapid-fire at the same time, meaning you are both deadly and silent. Whilst the majority of the modern Warfare 3 guns have several down-sides to them, surprisingly the PP90m1 doesn't actually have that many.

modern-warfare-3-Sub-machine-guns-weaknesses_PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Weaknesses

PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Conclusion

As a conclusion, the Modern Warfare 3 PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun is undoubtedly one of the best guns in MW3 and possibly the best gun for players to use to get high kill-streaks. Also it is a great gun to get the gold camouflage unlock, due to the fact that it is extremely easy to kill enemies and therefore level the gun up! Good luck future commander!

modern-warfare-3-Sub-machine-guns-weaknesses_PP90m1 Sub-machine Gun Conclusion

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